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Mymotheristhegreatestmotherintheworld,shetakescareofallthefamilychoresandshenevercomplains。Iknowsheitisnoteasyforhertodoso,forshegivesuphercareerwhenshehasme,soIamsothankfultoher。Onthismother’sday,IjustwanttoshowhermygratitudeandletherknowthatIlovehersomu为您带来了10篇《My mother 小学生英语作文》,亲的肯定与分享是对我们最大的鼓励。

my mother英语作文 篇一

My mother’s English name is Angle. She is tall.

She likes dogs best. But she doesn't like cat. Mother likes green very much. When I make a mistake,mother instructs me very well.

I remember once my foot got painful. Mother was very sad. I found that and cried. Mother looked at me and said,"Good girl,don't be sad,OK?" I said,"OK,but both you and me don't be sad."

That was the first time I found mother was sad. I like my mother very much! Do you like your mother?

My mother英语作文带翻译 篇二


Mother's Day is coming, my teacher assigned a homework, let's do something for mom and dad. I want to wash my mom's feet, usually my mom does. I also want to wash my mom's feet once.


I took a foot basin to pick up warm water and tried the temperature of the water by hand. I was afraid that my mother would be hot and frozen. I carefully took the water and went to her and said, "Mom, I'll wash your feet." My mother's eyes were glistening with tears just after my words were finished. My mother took off her shoes. I saw many blisters on her feet. I was very sad. I put my mother's feet in the foot basin and gently rubbed her feet. After a while, my mother's feet became dry and clean. My mother smiled.


Mom said, "you're growing up!"

My mother英语作文 篇三

I have a gentle mother. She has a pair of watery eyes, a high nose and a small mouth, a pair of thick eyebrows and a waterfall black hair.

Once, my mother was suffering from a disease called gallstones. Waist will often painful, went to a hospital checking, after check, the doctor said something in the belly is gradually expanding, don't know what is it, so need to be hospitalized observe. The doctor put mom in a special ward, the nurse take care, mom special touched. It's time for lunch, hospitals haven't cooked dinner, I'm afraid of mother and said to mother: "I'll give you buy boxes of rice." Say that finish, I hurried to run out, at this moment, just under the storm, I run in the heavy rain, afraid of bento sold out. So I work harder, go faster and faster, finally ran to the place where sell lunch box, only the last box, if only one minute later bought by others. Back to the hospital, I gave the bento to mother, mother kua I is a good boy, then eat up.

I don't give my mother's love, mother returns. Love is powerful, and people of the world's greatest, most selfless. I want to shout loudly: "mom, I love you!"

My mother英语作文带翻译 篇四

I have a good mother, mother love me, I love my mother.

My mother more than 30 years old, short, round face has a pair of bright big eyes, small mouth, a small nose, a smile.。. Ha ha, I want to let my mother has a pair of small dimples, but she didn't, but smile still look good.

I have a good mother, because she is very concerned about my study. Since the first grade, my study became a mother's care. Come home from school every day, the mother of control is the first thing I remember homework carefully check, if there is leakage problem, she would let me fill in time; If there are any errors, she would explain for me and help me to c【www.huzhidao.com】orrect them. My position is not correct to hold pen, mother sat by my side, see me stroke at a writing, if not correct, mother gave me immediately correct, until I correct.

I have a good mother, because she is very concerned about the growth of the I. Holidays, mother took me to go swimming. The pool, I how also learn can't, mom worried, do demonstration for me. She breaststroke, freestyle, swim very fast. I really envy, against the mother shouted: "mom, teach me." Then I slowly learned how to swim, mother happy to touch my head and said: "good exercise to tall."

This is my mother, a care for my mother. I want to study well, return my mother's love for me.






My mother英语作文带翻译 篇五

My mother is a teacher of primary school. She teaches in countryside, and there are only several teachers in her school. Therefore, except for math, she also teaches Chinese and music. My mother is a good teacher and she is popular among her students. She cares every student in her class, both in study and life. Her class seems to be relaxed and lively, but students can learn a lot from her. To some extend, she is strict to her students. When they make mistakes in study, she would point it out directly and tells the student correct it by himself or herself firstly. If they can’t, my mother helps them at last. Besides the study, my mother is a good teacher in life. She focuses on healthy growth of her students. So she always cares about their life. No matter what happens to them, she is ready to listen and help.


My mother英语作文 篇六

My mother is not a very kind woman.She always shocks.And I am very afraid of her.Sometimes I don''t like her—I hate her.Because she always very angry with me when I make a few mistakes. SometimesI love my mother—Because she sometimes very kind to me always give me some delicious food always give me good care.I love her or hate her ?I don''t know!!

Most people say that;"Mother always good kind."But I don''t think so sometimes.Because my mother is different from some other kids'' mothers.I also think many kids'' mothers are the same as mine.

Although my mother is not very good 。I still love her.why?

Because I am her daughter!!

My mother英语作文带翻译 篇七


Mom's hand, how long have you never held it again? Mom's feet, how long have you never washed them again? Mom has more and more white hair. Have you ever wanted to pull it out for her? For a long time, we didn't pay attention to mom anymore. Maybe mom is not as great as an educator, maybe she is not as young and beautiful as an actor, but she gives us all she has.


Have you ever thought that her mother has been young and beautiful, but she is willing to give up everything for you, give up her job, give up her youth, in order to raise you, how much effort has she made? Take good care of her while there is still time, and she will feel that everything is worth it. Love your mother well, she is the one who let you come to the world! Is at all costs to raise your talent!

My mother英语作文 篇八

When we are very small, most of us have heard the song about the praise of the mother, we have been told that mother is the best people in the world. Indeed, our mothers are the persons who give birth to us, who will never abandon us whatever happens upon us. Sometimes we will argue with our mothers, because we think she doesn’t understand us, but after a little while, we always regret for the argument. Actually, she knows her babies, she just cares too much that she doesn’t expect that it will hurt her babies. As kids, we should understand our mothers, too, it is our duty to take care of her, when we are young, mothers take care our us, when they are old, it is our turn to take care of her. It is love that makes the world beautiful, let’s show our love to mothers.

My mother英语作文带翻译 篇九


My mother is an ordinary mother, she often teaches me the truth of life. If it wasn't for her, I would not have achieved what I have today. My mother is like a hard gardener, and we are the seedlings that my mother nurtured.


Mother, like the teacher, teaches us. Mother, I love you!

My mother英语作文 篇十

My good mother is very concerned about me. I am frail and sick, my mother for this operation a lot of heart, if I was sick, she will sleep at night. I remember once, I had a serious illness, hospitalized in the Third People's Hospital for three weeks, my mother would have resigned from work to take care.

One day, the doctor took a large syringe, came to my ward, said to give me blood. I heard, suddenly creepy. Shrink into a group, how do not want to reach out to hand to the doctor pumping. My mother to see me afraid of this, then comfort me said: "son, brave point! Do not be afraid, for a while just fine, do not tense, the more nervous the more pain!" I heard, rest assured that the needle can not I shouted in my hand. My mother called the doctor wait, and patiently said to me: "son, do not be afraid, that do not hurt, do not call, or the needle did not get into the bar and then re-tie a needle." I heard, do not want more Needle, had no choice but to move. The doctor finally put the needle into the blood vessels, I looked at the blood from my body slowly outflow, my heart suddenly stretched tightly.

Soon, the needle is full of blood, the doctor will pull out the needle, I gently took a breath, began to eat my mother bought me bread. Thought: If today is not my mother to encourage me, I certainly can not stick to the present. In my three weeks of illness, my mother in order not to let me fall homework, every day out of care for me, but also help me tutoring homework, very hard. After discharge.

I returned to school, the language unit exam also made a good score of one hundred points. So by the teacher's praise, so I will never forget. In my mother's careful care, I not only good disease, but also achieved good results. My mother is so good!

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