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大学英语作文 篇一

Since i was an innocent child, i had the idea to be a doctor in the future. I always see the people died in the TV, i feels frustrated about it. Therefore, a dream to be a doctor came into my mind. I want to be the person who can save people's life just like God Jesus.


大学英语作文 篇二

a person with fine character may be considered as a beauty.it is not because of one's charming appearance, but because of one's honesty, kindness, and strong will. and these qualities do fill us with admiration and respect. mother teresa is a good eample, as is helen keller.

the scene of sunrise is usually thought of as a beautiful moment, for it brings people brightness and warmth and it indicates hope and a new beginning. you may feel refreshed, inspired and full of energy when watching such a scene.

in my eyes, beauty means such things that can arouse many of human's wonderful emotions:appreciation, respect, encouragement, etc.

however, i realize that the society has a great impact on my understanding of the beauty.

it is true that the history is advancing and the human society is developing. as a result, human's thoughts are changing gradually. so it is with our understanding of beauty. yet we live in a physical world, many objects, which witnessed this progress,can still be found. building is one of them. after observing and contrasting the buildings of different times, we may notice the differences in their architecture.the earlier ones seem more magnificent and splendid while the modern ones emphasize on practicality and amenity. we can easily find that the standards of beauty from these buildings are not the same.

furthermore,we also livein a mentalworld.so we shouldn't neglect the dissimilarity understandings of beauty caused by various cultures.

influenced by "taoism and buddhism", the chinese always regard silence and implication as beauty while more western people refer frankness and independence. besides, most chinese like classical music and chinese painting when western people are fond of pop music and oil painting. we may also feel the difference from the literatures.

in a word, the understanding of beauty is affected by many factors. but i believe that the human's pursuit of beauty is endless and the true beauty will not disappear as time goes by.

大学英语作文 篇三

health gains in developing countries

from the graph we can see the health gains in developing cotmtries. in l960, the average life span or life epectancy was only 40 years old. in 1990, after thirty years, the life epectancy rose to 60. at the same time, with the life epectancy going up, the infant mortality is coming down. in 1960 the infant mortality was 200 deaths per 1000 births. that is, about 200 infants died at birth among 1000 babies born. in 1990, the infant mortality declined to 100 deaths per 1000 births.

what are the reasons for this situation? i think it lies in three respects. first, economy is developing as time progresses. people am better off than before. second, education plays an important role. people are better educated and more civilized. they are more aware that good health ensures success in life and work, third, the government pays more attention to the protection of the environment. more measures are being taken to deal with the problem of pollution. that is why life epectancy is on the rise and infant mortality on the decline.




大学英语作文 篇四

For most people, travel is a great thing. They will make a long plan before the trip starts. It is believed that shopping and delicious food are considered to be the necessary plans. While for some people, they don’t care about the things mentioned above. Different people have different ways to travel.


For most people who enjoy shopping and delicious food, the purpose of the trip is to buy local products and to eat local food. So they prepare a large amount of money, enjoying the feeling of shopping. In a lot of tourist cities, almost all the shops will write the commercial ads with mandarin, for attracting more Chinese customers.


For other tourists, they just enjoy the atmosphere and do nothing. They prefer to sit in the cafe shop and read the books for a whole afternoon. Once I did not understand such behavior, but now, as I have seen more and more scenery, I started to realize that it was another way to relax themselves.


We can’t judge which way is best for a trip, because the way to enjoy life is various.


大学英语作文 篇五

Young Talents Go to University

Every parent wants their kids to be the talents, so that the kids are meant to be the successful people. The talented children are smarter than the ordinary kids. They learn things very fast and skip grade to learn more. Some even go to university at the very early age. It has both good and bad sides.


On the one hand, as these talented students are no longer satisfied with what they learn in their grade, it is good for them to receive higher education, so as to improve themselves. People are inspired to learn as much as possible, which makes them smart and knowledgeable. The talented kids should not waste their advantages.


On the other hand, when these young talents go to university, it is a very new environment to them. They live with the adults, who are much older than them, the young talents surely will look different. The communication between them will be awkward.


In my opinion, going to university so early for the young kids is not a good thing, they need to communicate with the kids in their age. It is important to have a normal and happy childhood.



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